A continent rich with culture, greenery, natural resources, beautiful people and monuments and real vibes, Africa is an incredibly unique destination for study for International Student.

Study Overseas Programs involve interesting field work and close interaction with local communities.Courses like Sociology, Politics, International Development, Anthropology,Public Policy, Biology and Zoology (lions, elephants, and giraffes, oh my!), environmental studies, biology or zoology are offered in numerous Universities all over Africa – Making Africa a great study abroad destination for lots of different majors.


1. Increase your understanding of Africa, Its Society and The World As A Whole.
CNN is not a reliable source if you really want to know what Africa is all about.Apart from being a continent of Natural Vibes, Africa can boast of numerous historical edifices like the pyramids, The Akosombo Dam, The Kakum National Park, Victoria Falls, Mountain Kilimanjaro, Safari in South Africa and Kenya etc. If you are adventurous and appreciate diversity, then Africa is the place for you. By studying and staying in Africa you can get an Insider’s Perspective on the Political and Social Structure of the Country.

2. Expand Employment & Entrepreneurial Opportunities.
Africa as a land of opportunity offers a lot of Employment as well as Entrepreneurial Opportunities for International Students. According to The Spring Edition of The Black Collegian,, which highlights job opportunities for the class of 1998, the job outlook reflects the growing importance of internationalization. The top 10 employers are seeking graduates who can think critically and also have a global perspective hence the need to study overseas in Africa.

3. Broaden your experience.
Travel outside your country to Africa is an education in itself. As the second largest Continent in the world, Africa presents you with the opportunity to meet people from different backgrounds and cultures thereby forging international friendships, understand cultural differences, and get rid of old stereotypes.

4. Explore new interests.
One student from the States went to Ghana to learn the Twi language and have fun. In addition to a Twi course, she enrolled in African Dance Studio. At the end of the day, her professor suggested she remain in Africa and join his dance troupe. After graduating, she opted to continue to stay in Ghana and is happily married today. She owns her own African Dance Ensemble back home and she’s almost always in the headlines for all the right reasons. It is also an opportunity to master specific skills that are career related.

5.  Find out what you want to do in life.
Many Students Report that Studying Overseas can be a life-changing experience that can also open many new career choices. While taking a semester off from your regular studies may seem a luxury, it is indeed a wonderful opportunity to redefine your career aspirations in the context of your new self-awareness and newly acquired skills.

Scholarships in Africa

Unfortunately, there are limited scholarship opportunities for international students from outside Africa, and international students are ineligible for the government’s student loan program. The continents major banks do offer student loans to international students with valid study permits. Other international students find scholarship funding through their sending institutions or other organizations in their home countries.