The Largest Continent in the world is none but Asia which can boast of Countries like China, India, Malaysia, Thailand, Hong kong, Singapore and Japan ”Asia is probably the Most Dynamic Continent in the World and Economically it presents Endless Opportunities. The center of gravity is moving towards the East.”
– Alexander Stubb, former Prime Minister of Finland


1. Take full advantage of the luxury of time and independence you have as a student.
2.Challenge yourself both personally and academically.
3. Gain full credits in Asia and graduate in time.
4. Learn a New Language and Culture in-depth and Utilize Your New Skills For Your Future Career.
5. Gain an International Network of Friends and Future Colleagues.
6.Use the same amount of money or less by living in Asia.
7.Differentiate yourself by having gone to Asia for your study abroad semester.
8.Enjoy The Quality of Asian Education and Learn What Real Competition Is.
9.The Once-in-a-Lifetime Experience.



• Asia is arguably the cheapest Continent to study in. Tuition fees and cost of living in Asia are in general lower than in Western countries.
• Asia is usually much more intensive and competitive than in the West, even though it’s more affordable.
• The Hard Working Mentality and Educational Achievements Can Be Seen In Practice In The Success Stories Of Asian Economies

You can afford it

The Incredibly Affordable Cost of Tuition and Living in Asian countries makes destinations like India, China and Thailand great choices for the financially-minded.Among the most common misconceptions about study abroad is the fact that it is always Expensive. That fact is a myth in Asia. What some students don’t realize is that it is often possible to study abroad for a semester – travel expenses included – for less than what they would pay to study at their home institution.

You’ll see more of the world for less Money

Asian countries are uniquely suited for student travel, as they provide access to many affordable destinations. When it comes to choosing where to study Overseas, you have lots of decisions to make. One consideration that you shouldn’t forget to take into account while making these decisions is TRAVEL – how much of the world do you plan to see while you’re abroad?

Your concept of “COMFORT ZONE” will be redefined

A Foreign Culture, Strange New Foods, Exciting Destinations and A Different Language, will turn your world on its head – and what’s more exciting than that? You will be completely out of your Comfort Zone while you study Overseas in Asia. This is the time to see the world and open your mind to the wonders of foreign cultures. Challenge yourself – you’ll be better for it in the end

Lots of Job Opportunities Abound For You After You Graduate

After your studies, you’re going to have a degree with your name written on it in your hand.A degree which will equip you to go out and land your dream job just so you can contribute to society. You’re going to be confident and excited as you submit your resume to employers because You spent years studying abroad in Asia or You got an insight into otherwise restricted local NGOs dedicated to refugee and political prisoner issues on the India – Pakistan border or a Chinese company, Or you perfected your Hindi/Thai/Mandarin during your semesters in New Delhi/Bankok/Shanghai, and you’re the perfect fit for the a new Indian/Thai/Chinese Company’s Branch in your Country or Overseas. You get the picture?