When you arrive in Australia you may find yourself struck by the friendliness and hospitality of the people.Just like Finland, Australia is a safe, friendly and harmonious country.

Its multicultural credentials cannot be overlooked.Australia accepts International Students from different countries and of all religions. You will find Australia to be very Friendly and Welcoming as you can practice your faith without persecution or discrimination.

Why Study In Australia

• Australia has the third largest number of International students After United States Of America and the United Kingdom,Australia has the largest number of International Students making it a force to be reckoned with in the International education arena.

• Students, who have not done well in high school or even in graduation, still have options to study further this is because the Australian Education System is flexible and has something for everyone, something for everyone.

• Australia’s High Standard Of Education makes it one of the most favorable destination to live and Study

• Recognised Globally for its High Standard of Education some of its universities are ranked in the top 100 Universities in the world.

• Flexible degree programs, as well as short-term industry relevant programs, are available

• Initiatives such as ESOS Act and CRICOS ensure that Its educational system is highly regulated by the Government to ensure that its standard is not compromised

• Cities like Melbourne and Sydney are voted amongst the most livable cities in the world and offer a fabulous destination for International students to stay in

• High chances of landing a Job after completion of course. Key sectors are Energy, Manufacturing, Service, Agriculture, Tourism, Media, Education, Mining and Logistics employ thousands (1000’s) of International Students year in, year out.

With Canberra as its capital, Australia is unique from the love of Sports to vibrant multicultural Cities and Fascinating Museums

If You Want to Get an Education and have a life then Australia is the place for you. Are you into partying, Sports, Book Clubs, or Arts? Or you crave the Cosy Cafes and Great Outdoors; Australia offers you all the above coupled with a world-class education system. I bet you, this is really the place to be!

Climate and weather in Australia

• Summer- Dec-Feb
• Autumn- March-May
• Winter- June-Aug
• Spring- Sep-Nov

Most of Australia receives more than 3,000 hours of sunshine a year because it is in the temperates.

Notable Destinations

• Melbourne
• Brisbane
• Great Ocean Road
• Sydney
• Perth
• Canberra
• New South Wales
• Hobart