Studying in the ‘Rainbow Nation’ comes at a manageable price and promises quality education. While studying in European, Australia, U.K or the USA might be heavy on your pocket, S.A is comparably affordable. Among the top 20 international student destination countries in the world is South Africa. Why Studying in South Africa? The Cosmopolitan nature […]


With no shred of doubt, Knowledge and Education have become very important resources in Switzerland because the country has no Natural Resources.With one of the world’s best education systems, people all over the world visit Switzerland for its Natural Beauty and Quality Service. Most of the world’s best hospitality schools are situated in Switzerland, so […]


On the eastern coast of the Baltic Sea is Lithuania a country that shares borders with the Republic of Latvia, the Republic of Poland, the Russian Federation and the Republic of Belarus. With Vilnius as its Capital, Lithuania is an ideal location for studies abroad because it has seen a rise in economic growth lately. […]


Formerly called the ‘Gold Coast’, Ghana is the Gate Way to West Africa and a peaceful haven to Live and Study in. Don’t be surprised to hear a local call you an “Obroni”; it’s not an Insult but literally translates to “a person from Overseas”. Most people consider you white if you are not an […]


Malaysia is one of the most popular centers of academic and higher education excellence in the Asia. Over forty thousand (40 000) international students from over hundred (100) countries studying in Malaysia. Why Study In Malaysia? Quality Education Programs Legislation such as The Malaysian Qualifications Agency Act 2007, The Education Act, 1996, the Private Higher […]


With a strategic location right in the heart of south East Asia, Singapore is a prime education hub with top quality Colleges and Universities both Private and Public Catering for the academic needs of the International students from different backgrounds around the world. Why Study In Singapore? High Standard of Living Compared to the west, […]


Popularly known as the “Pearl of the Arabian Gulf” Dubai is one of the 7 emirates of the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Located on the shores of the Arab Gulf It is famous for its Rich Arab architecture. You will marvel at a site of its Clear Blue Green Waters and Clean, Sandy Beaches. It’s […]


Europe is one of the most dynamic and multicultural continents in the World.To foster Economic Cooperation, the European Union was set up on November 1, 1993. The EU is a one of a kind Political and Economic Partnership between 27 European countries. The Euro is its common currency and it is arguably one of the […]


One of the Well Renowned Nations with an incredible mix of international cultures and a strong sense of tradition and identity is the United Kingdom. The cosmopolitan nature of its society makes it a rather multicultural and open nation.Scotland, Northern Ireland, Wales and England constitute the United Kingdom. It is a very popular destination for […]


The greatest nation in the world by far is the United States Of America. Have you ever heard of the popular phrase ‘The American Dream’? Well, it is that dream that makes it possible for a Pauper to turn into a million by the snap of a finger with hard work. Almost every student will […]