Located in East Asia, China is the most populous Country in the world. China is undoubtedly the most popular destination in the world for Medicine students. medicine. This country is also a preferred destination for students who can teach English; as most Chinese Schools value the English language and pay huge sums of money to English Teachers.

Why Study In China?

It is Affordable

Studying and living in U.S, UK, Japan, Australia and some other Countries is costly than Studying and leaving in China. Most UK universities, for example, Charge around $12000 annually the cost of living can be as high as $10000. It can cost you roughly $2000 – $4000 to study Medicine in China Yearly, which is way better in standards and in cost than other notable countries in the world. With a Small Budget, you can have a content life in China. Accommodation in the major cities like Beijing ranges from $200 – $300 per month. Rent is, however, less in small Cities. With $2 – $10 you can eat a balanced meal at a local restaurant. Transportation is at an all time low and as for clothes and shoes, you can buy a lot of branded ones with just $100. A good pair of shoes might be about 20-30 US dollars at a local market. Taking a bus is usually about 15 cents, and a subway ticket in Shanghai and Beijing is about 30 cents.

Quality Education plus An International Accepted Credentials

Chinese Universities are among the top Universities in the World. China is a technologically profound Nation hence studying IT in China puts you on the map in terms of employment opportunities. You can work anywhere in the world with a Chinese degree because it has a global value.Have you wondered why millions of International students fly into China year in, year out to study MBBS? Well, it’s cause of the value that comes with a degree.

Employment Opportunities

China is and continues to be the World’s Fastest Growing Country and Economy for thirty years running. Most of the World’s top renowned companies like Apple and Nike all do business in China; this means lots and lots of employment opportunities for International Students.

Popular Destinations

Great Walls Of China
The Bund
Temple Of Heaven
Forbidden City
Li River
Summer Palace
West lake
Potala Palace
Yu Garden
Victoria Peak
Hong Kong