The best education system in the World back in 2012 was the Finnish Education System. (the Learning Curve, Pearsons) Finnish students are highly motivated to study thanks to their basic education and national entrance exams. Learning is based on discussion, working together, and pupils finding information for themselves- it is usually Independent. Why Study In […]

University Selection

Studying Overseas is not merely about Researching the net, Filling in Application Forms and Sending Them to Universities you have heard of. The admission is a complex process involving lots of Formalities, Queries, and Issues, that need to be Understood, Looked into,Completed and Followed through. Any slight mistakes or any loopholes in the application process […]


Are you an exceptional student ,academically strong and a good performer when it comes to standardized exams?  Do you perform extraordinarily in extracurricular activities?  If yes then you are eligible for scholarship awards. In order to be eligible to apply for a scholarship, you must have applied and received an offer from the university? If you […]


From choosing a university and a course right up until your final departure and final graduation our Counsellors will always be at your service. You can obtain Reliable, Relevant and Accurate information from us. Perhaps you don’t know which Country to go to, which university to apply for or you aren’t sure which course suits […]

Application Assistance

You will be required to submit specific documents to certain colleges. Due to the large variety of documents required to complete an application, complicated procedures, lengthy approval process and global time difference, it’s easy for some schools to postpone processing your documents. Overseas Educational Consult will help you to prepare and complete your application documents […]

Visa Guidance

We are here to ease the stress and hassle of applying for your visa. Once you’ve secured your admission into a university, the next big step is to apply for a visa. Worried about facing the consulate officer? Concerned your answers during the interview would wreck your chances of getting a visa? Don’t worry; we […]


There are 72 universities to choose from in Canada’s 13 Provinces and territories. The Top Reasons To Study In Canada • Compared to The United States and The UK, the cost of living and tuition fees for international students are generally lower. Earn a Globally recognised Certificate; A Canadian degree, diploma or certificate is globally […]


When you arrive in Australia you may find yourself struck by the friendliness and hospitality of the people.Just like Finland, Australia is a safe, friendly and harmonious country. Its multicultural credentials cannot be overlooked.Australia accepts International Students from different countries and of all religions. You will find Australia to be very Friendly and Welcoming as […]


Need a cost effective alternative to Australia or the United Kingdom? Then New Zealand is the place o be. For International Students seeking outdoor adventure in an English speaking with a warm student friendly environment look no further than the ‘kiwi Land’. Why Study In New Zealand? Low Cost Education at A Higher Quality The […]


Studying in the ‘Rainbow Nation’ comes at a manageable price and promises quality education. While studying in European, Australia, U.K or the USA might be heavy on your pocket, S.A is comparably affordable. Among the top 20 international student destination countries in the world is South Africa. Why Studying in South Africa? The Cosmopolitan nature […]