Thailand is one of the stars of Asia when it comes to Education. There are a lot of Local and International Universities all over the Country. Close to 850 Accredited International Programs at Undergraduate and Graduate levels, 205 Doctorate degree and lots of Graduate Diploma degree are offered in Thai Universities and Colleges. Why Study […]


Located in East Asia, China is the most populous Country in the world. China is undoubtedly the most popular destination in the world for Medicine students. medicine. This country is also a preferred destination for students who can teach English; as most Chinese Schools value the English language and pay huge sums of money to […]


With New Delhi as its capital, India is the Second most populous nation in the world. Indians all over the world are well renowned for their Intelligence; this should tell you a lot about the Indian Educational System. About half of the employees in NASA are Indians. The CEO’s of major technological giants like Microsoft […]