What is the happiest country in the world? What is the second most peaceful country in the world -based on standards of education, welfare, and health? What is the least corrupted country in the world ann which country can boast of the highest level of income equality in the world? The answer is obviously DENMARK! The Danish Education System is amongst the best in the world in terms of how it’s structured.

What Makes Education in Denmark Special?

A typical class in Denmark consists of lectures as well as discussions in a small group with English as the medium, this and much more creates an enriching learning environment. And that makes studying abroad in Denmark a truly world class experience. The results of a recent survey of international students in Denmark showed that students enjoy their stay in Denmark because they feel it is a safe place to live. Many pleasant surprises are in store for International Student in Denmark. The Buddy system where institutions send a buddy to meet you on arrival is practiced by most institutes in Denmark. She / he will assist you get settled, meet other students and deal with practical matters in your first weeks in Denmark.

social life is vital and at most Universities in Denmark, the students themselves are the driving force behind parties, cafés, excursions and student politics. Sports, leisure and Recreational Activities are organized on a regular basis for students interested in sports activities.

Why Study In Denmark?


Accommodation options are arranged for International Students by Institutions as soon as you are accepted. Some of the accommodation options include Flat for Rent, Paid Guest ( Room in a family home) and room in a residence hall or on campus with the later being less expensive.

Student jobs

It is easy for International non-European Students to apply for a work permit as part of their residence permit which entitles them to work. Students can work for up to 15 hours a week during the semester, and full time during the summer holiday, that is, in June, July and August.

Public transport system

You can travel to most Cities in Denmark by either Bus or Train, this makes traveling around very easy.Whereas traveling longer miles may seem a bit expensive, same cannot be said about traveling with the City. The best option, however, is to buy a monthly season ticket in Capital and other cities.The Subway also called the Metro is a cheap way of traveling within the Capital as Copenhagen is the only City with a Metro in Denmark. The public transport system is renowned for its punctuality, so don’t be five minutes late and expect the bus to still be there!
Now, are you excited to know more about studying in Denmark?

Getting around

Demark is a nation of Cyclist! Do you want to know why? Well,it’s because roads in Denmark are relatively congestion-free and of good quality, therefore, the bicycle is a much-used means of transportation as it is an excellent alternative to a car. It is very easy, cheap and practical to have a bike and your fellow Danish students will have one too.