Popularly known as the “Pearl of the Arabian Gulf” Dubai is one of the 7 emirates of the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Located on the shores of the Arab Gulf It is famous for its Rich Arab architecture. You will marvel at a site of its Clear Blue Green Waters and Clean, Sandy Beaches. It’s jaw breaking highways and Sky Scrapers will leave you Starstruck. Dubai is arguably UAE’s most important Commercial Center and Port.

Why Study in Dubai?

Affordable High Quality Education

Undoubtedly the Fastest Growing Economy in the world, Dubai is supposed to be an expensive place to study but it’s not! The laws of the land ensure that Learning is comparatively cheaper. An International Student would spend double the amount for the same learning in U.K, US or Australia than in Dubai . It is easy to find job training, as well as full-time employment due to vast development activities especially in the area of infrastructure, trade, and commerce.

Caring and Secure Destination

Ask any prospective student one thing they can’t compromise while studying abroad, and they will say their Security. Security in the UAE is top notch. Ever wondered why the Dubai police ride in fast cars like Ferraris, Bugattis and Porsche Cayennes? Well, the main reason is to apprehend criminals and law breaker fast. Dubai is a hospitable, Secure and caring City. It is a City of Non-stop Entertainment! A majority of the world’s finest Performers and Musicians come to Dubai for Entertainment. The Cosmopolitan Culture itself is a Great Bonus for a learner to know the social etiquette that is necessary in today’s world.

Earn International Credentials from Other Nations

Do you yearn to Study in a global environment? Look no further than the “Pearl Of The Arabian Gulf”!There is a strong presence of Campuses of International Universities in Dubai.International exposure which is a very part of Overseas Education Experience abounds in Dubai because of the Influx of Foreign Students and its multicultural Environment.

Posibility of Securing Full Time Work

As an International Student, you can secure full-time work but you must change your visa from a student Visa to an Employer Sponsored Visa. Due to the strictness of Dubai’s current Labour Law, a Foreign Student can’t work on part-time basis.

Popular Destinations

Palm Islands
Dubai mall
Burj Khalifa
Wild Wadi Water Park
Ski Dubai
Dubai Creek
Dubai Museum
Burj Al Arab
Emirate Towers
Mall Of The Emirates