The best education system in the World back in 2012 was the Finnish Education System. (the Learning Curve, Pearsons) Finnish students are highly motivated to study thanks to their basic education and national entrance exams. Learning is based on discussion, working together, and pupils finding information for themselves- it is usually Independent.

Why Study In Finland

Studying in Finland is free!

Is studying in Finland Free? Yes, it is! Unlike other European Countries where you have to hand over hefty tuition fees, Finland has wisely managed to keep college education entirely state-funded – even for international students. Some Masters Courses, however, charge fees to non-EU/EEA students and that’s an exception.

High quality education

The Finnish have a system where higher educational institutions are monitored by the Ministry of Education even though they are autonomous but largely funded by the Ministry of Education and Culture; they supervise and monitor the quality of teaching carefully just so quality is not compromised.

Friendly people

Finnish people are international reputed to be friendly and open.That is one trait you can never take away from someone born and bread in Finland. I am talking about the “hey how are you?” “let’s be friends” kind of nice.

High-ranking universities

Eight (8) of Finlands universities appeared in the 2012/2013 World University Rankings. This should tell you that even though higher education is free all over the country, the phrase ‘free things have little or no value’ doesn’t apply to Finland at all. Finland’s higher education system is widely respected as one of the world’s best.

Wide open spaces

Finland can boast of some truly stunning natural sites like Lakes, Ski Resorts and Islands. There is a complete lack of traffic jams, football hooligans, royalty, smog, slums, intrusive salesmen, and crowded beaches in this awesome Nation. This means theres a lot of open space which promotes freedom of movement.

Lots to do

If your interests include; Ice Hockey, Fishing, Saunas, Heavy Metal, Snow sports, Visiting Father Christmas and Milk Consumption (Finland’s National Drink) then look no further than FINLAND!