Formerly called the ‘Gold Coast’, Ghana is the Gate Way to West Africa and a peaceful haven to Live and Study in. Don’t be surprised to hear a local call you an “Obroni”; it’s not an Insult but literally translates to “a person from Overseas”. Most people consider you white if you are not an African but from India, China, Mexico, U.K, Australia, Europe, America, or Brazil you’re an “Obroni”, which literally translates to a “person from abroad”. Ghanaians are extremely welcoming to foreigners. In their eyes, travelers have the opportunity to go anywhere in the world, and they chose Ghana.

Why Study In Ghana


The sole official language of instruction throughout the Ghanaian educational system is English. All study materials are in English. Ghana is a better alternative for International Students to other nations in the sub-region because of the multicultural nature of its society. Everybody from any religion or sect is welcomed to study in Ghana’s peaceful and conducive environment.

Quality Education at An Affordable Price

The minimum university standard for admission to undergraduate graduate studies is a ‘C-’ average on the SSSCE or WASSCE, with credits (A-D or A1-C6) in all subjects. International Students can seek guidance from OE Consult for the equivalent of their grading system to that of Ghana’s.Fields such as Law, Medicine,Business, Engineering,and Pharmacy are highly competitive in Ghanaian Universities. Ghana can boast of one of the best educational Systems in African and the world as a whole. Major Ghanaian universities operate on a modular, semester system in an effort to attract international Students. For example, the University of Ghana is committed to 10% international population and attracts significant numbers ofEuropean, Asian, American and African students.

Peaceful and Hospitable People

If you really want to Study in peace and be treated like a local while studying overseas, look no further than Ghana. The Ghanaian Culture is rich and its society is a dynamic one so brace yourself for lots of royal treatment from the Ghanaian Kid to the Adult. Ghana is a home away from home destination so don’t miss out on the rare opportunity to have studied in the ‘Shining Star of Africa’.

Low Cost Of Living, Good Food & lots of Historical Sites

Ever heard of the Cape Coast Castle; the place President Obama Visited with his wife upon becoming president? What of the Kakum National Park, Aburi Gardens, Akosombo Dam, Kwame Nkrumah Mausoleum,Kwahu Power Gliding Festival? Well, come study in Ghana and don’t forget to visit these awesome sites before you leave. Come have a taste of Ghana’s numerous tantalizing delicacies and street foods. With just under $200, you can feed yourself for a month. Transportation and accommodation are also on the low and won’t ‘hurt your pocket’.

The following universities are considered to be among the top in terms of quality and reputation in Ghana:

• University of Ghana (Legon, Accra)
• Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (Kumasi)
• The university of Education, Winneba (Winneba)
• University of Cape Coast (Cape Coast)
• Central university

There are also International & Private Universities all over the country.

“Africa is a huge continent with many different languages, cultures, and lifestyles depending on where you go. I studied abroad in Ghana, and it was by far the best decision I’ve ever made in my life. This is just the tip of the iceberg – some knowledge you should have before considering Ghana as a place to study abroad. I honestly believe Ghana is one of the greatest secrets of the world. Do yourself a favor by studying there, and you’ll live to share Ghana’s beauty with the rest of the world. Ghana treated me so well, I feel it is my duty to encourage others to visit and enjoy the amazing things Ghana has to offer.” Jeremy Ginsburg, 21, Minneapolis, USA.