With New Delhi as its capital, India is the Second most populous nation in the world. Indians all over the world are well renowned for their Intelligence; this should tell you a lot about the Indian Educational System. About half of the employees in NASA are Indians. The CEO’s of major technological giants like Microsoft and Google are Indians. Did you know that India has the 3rd largest English-speaking population in the world ? This is the reason why it is a preferred destination for a lot of International Students nowadays.

Why Study In India?

Quality Education At A Cheap Price

Studying in India is highly affordable compared to other ranges from $1000 to $5000 for the whole course duration.The quality of education is also high since most courses taught are more practical based.

English Medium

A good knowledge of English is considered essential and it’s a requirement to study in an Indian College or University. For Commerce Courses and Social sciences, regional language and English is the medium of Instruction. For other courses like IT, Technical Courses, and Professional Courses, English is the prime medium of instruction; a lecturer might use a local language in exceptional cases, though. Special English Language and Communication courses like Business English is a part of the curriculum in almost every Higher Institute in India. To determine the quality of curriculum the medium of instruction a very crucial factor, and English is almost always the first choice!

Centre of Education for the World

Today, India is recognized as the World Center of Education with a whole lot of study fields to choose from. International Students troop in from countries like Nigeria, Ghana, Tanzania, Zambia, USA, South Africa, Nepal, UK, Iran, Afghanistan, Kuwait, Jordan, China, Japan, Malaysia, Senegal, Togo, Congo,Angola, Zimbabwe and Cote d’Ivoire just to pursue higher education. The educational system is such that it encourages entrepreneurship because of it is technical nature.


There are over 18,000 colleges and 370 Universities offering a Widest Spectrum of courses in India; no wonder the country has the 2nd Largets Education System in the World.

• 165 – Traditional Universities
• 38 – Engineering and Technology Institutes such as Indian Institutes of Technology,
Indian Institute of Science etc.
• 55 – Deemed Universities
• 44 – Agricultural / Forestry / Fisheries / Veterinary Universities
• 20 – Medical Universities
• 22 – National Institutes of Technology
• 15 – Open Universities

Globally Recognised Credentials

Research by major Indian Colleges and Universities have made a significant contribution to research and development in sensitive areas like Health Care, Engineering, and Biotechnology. Indian Colleges and Universities play a leading role in fields of study like Mathematics, Pharmacy, Chemistry, and Physics. Indians stride in the development of Peaceful Nuclear Energy, Space Technology, and launching of Indigenous satellites can’t be overlooked.There are a lot of IT talents from India impacting the world positively on a regular basis. The Country is at the forefront of Global Education and a degree from Indian will surely land you your dream job with less effort.

Low Cost of Living

The cost of studying in India is at an all time low. Moving from one place to another is as easy as it can be since transportation cost is among the cheapest in the World. You can also eat a decent meal with $2 to $10 only. Accommodation in the city ranges between $80 – $300 per month while in the villages you can pay between $50 – $100 for a comfortable room.

Leave Like A Tourist On Vacation in A Dynamic Climate

There are a lot of Place to Visit in Indian. Taj Mahal on of the wonders of the world is located in Agra – India. Places like Goa also gives you a feel of Maimi as it is an awesome beach City. India is the only nation with all the weather types in the World. Does it Snow in India? Yes, it does! The Himalayas ranges from India through to Nepal. The world’s highest mountain is located in Nepal which is just 3 to 4 hours from India by flight and approximately 2 days by train. If you are an adventurous person look no further than India for your studies Abroad.

Popular Destinations

Golden Temple
Iskon Temple
Taj Mahal
Shimla Manali
Delhi Zoo
Lotus Temple
SuhKna Lake