Malaysia is one of the most popular centers of academic and higher education excellence in the Asia. Over forty thousand (40 000) international students from over hundred (100) countries studying in Malaysia.

Why Study In Malaysia?

Quality Education Programs

Legislation such as The Malaysian Qualifications Agency Act 2007, The Education Act, 1996, the Private Higher Educational Institutions Act, 1996 is used by the Malaysian government to monitor and regulate the Quality of Education in Malaysia. These Legislations provides guidelines for monitoring colleges and universities alike to ensure they meet the highest standards in education.

Low Cost Living and Tuition Fees

Tuition fees of colleges and Universities in Malaysia are highly affordable and very reasonable.The cost of living is also very low. With $3 300, you can live comfortably as a student for a year.

Work While You Study

Unlike many Asian Countries, it is legal to work while studying once you have a work permit. You can work part-time for a maximum of 20 hours per week as a student, this enables students to supplement their living and earn extra pocket money for traveling and leisure activities.

Comfortable and Safe Place to Study

Every student needs a safe haven to study and stay in, and Malaysia is a classical example of a country which is geographically safe and politically sound free from natural disasters.

Courses are Conducted in English

The medium of instructions in major universities and colleges in Malaysia is English, therefore, international Students should not have any problem pursuing further studies in the beautiful nation.For those less proficient in the language, there are numerous schools and institutions offering basic English courses.

You Can get a UK, US and Australian degree in Malaysia

Malaysia has a great interest in Advanced Education and has international ties with universities and colleges in USA, Canada, Australia, UK and New Zealand. Scores of International Colleges particularly British and Australian have branches all over Malaysia. This makes it possible for International Students who can’t afford to Study in U.K or Australia earn British or Australian degrees from Malaysia.

Multicultural Studying Environment

The Malaysian society is multicultural and Plural one. Students are exposed to value-added life and a better understanding of other cultures. What more can you ask for as an International Student? Apart from mixing with Malaysian students, International Students are also exposed to other students from different Nationalities.

Notable Destinations

Kuala Lumpur
George Town
Shah Alam