With no shred of doubt, Knowledge and Education have become very important resources in Switzerland because the country has no Natural Resources.With one of the world’s best education systems, people all over the world visit Switzerland for its Natural Beauty and Quality Service. Most of the world’s best hospitality schools are situated in Switzerland, so whenever you think hospitality,think Switzerland. With 5600 hotels which provide accommodation for more than 35 million guests, every year and a population of about 7 million Switzerland is definitely a conducive and interesting place to pursue Hospitality Studies.

Why Study In Switzerland

Availability Of Jobs

Tourism is one of the nation’s highest foreign exchange earner and it employs lots and lots of international students as its workforce base due to the high cost of the Swiss labour Force. This is also reflected in hotel management schools, in terms of the curricula offered and the mix in the International student population.

High Quality Education At A Comparably Affordable Cost

Unlike other Study destinations like Australia, New Zealand ,UK, USA, and Canada, Switzerland is a smaller country but the quality of education offered is very high at an affordable cost and gives you value for you money.

Peaceful, Conducive & Safe Environment

You are assured of your peace of mind as Switzerland is a classical example of a home away from home destination. Many well renowned International Companies have selected Switzerland for their Headquarters because of the Country’s hard earned reputation for Multicultural Understanding, Safety, and Stability. It’s secure and friendly surroundings make it very easy to combine Study with the Discovery of People, Culture and The Beauty of The Country.

Earn An International Certificate That Will Take You Place

Have you wondered why so many Swiss corporations are ranked among the world’s Finest Research institutes? Switzerland demonstrates greatness in its precision approach to details; it’s therefore no fluke that many of the World’s Successful Hoteliers have been educated in this Safe and Beautiful Nation. It is home to some of the world’s Enchanting Cities, Leading Laboratories, Green Woodlands, Majestic mountains, Roaming Vineyards, Crystal Clear Lakes, and breathtaking landscapes – Switzerland has it all.

Get Easy Access To Other EU Nations

With London, Paris, Rome, Amsterdam,and Madrid at its doorstep, Switzerland is located at the Heart of Europe. All the Cities mentioned above are within an hour’s flight so you can imagine how awesome your holidays will be if you have money to spend.

Learn Other International Languages

French, German,and Italian are the most dominant languages Spoken in Switzerland. English is, however, the language of Instruction in most of the twelve (12) universities in Switzerland. However, the language of Instruction varies depending on where they are located. Knowledge of French and German is recommended, none the less. NB. Students are likely to find maximum Programs at Masters Level Taught in English.

Popular Locations