Thailand is one of the stars of Asia when it comes to Education. There are a lot of Local and International Universities all over the Country. Close to 850 Accredited International Programs at Undergraduate and Graduate levels, 205 Doctorate degree and lots of Graduate Diploma degree are offered in Thai Universities and Colleges.

Why Study In Thailand

Very Affordable Cost Of Living

On an International Scale,the cost of living in Thailand is Cheap. The Cost Of Study is also Cheap at most Thai Universities. You get what you pay for in this awesome Asian Country.

Earn Globally Accredited Crendentials

All university programs are accredited and Globally recognized and Accredited programs are offered in all Thai Universities. From International Universities to Regional and Local Universities globally competitive programs are offered. You can choose to go to summer school or you can study a full degree course in Thailand in a conducive and friendly environment.Living in Thailand is something special,funny enough, Instead of International Student, The Thais call foreign students ‘exchange students’. You can study one semester overseas in Thailand with no formal agreement between your local university and the Thai University you intend to study in.


The language of Instruction in Thailand Universities is English, so you don’t need to worry about language differences at all. You can choose to learn the Thai language on your own as it will act as an additional skill and a plus on your CV. The most popular fields of study pursued by ‘Exchange Students’are business English, Marketing, Administration,Business English, International Business, Thai language and General Management on graduate and undergraduate level.

Popular Destinations

Grand Palace
Jim Thompson House
Hat Yai
Si Racha
Om Noi