University Selection

Studying Overseas is not merely about Researching the net, Filling in Application Forms and Sending Them to Universities you have heard of. The admission is a complex process involving lots of Formalities, Queries, and Issues, that need to be Understood, Looked into,Completed and Followed through. Any slight mistakes or any loopholes in the application process can lead to a prospective student’s rejection.

To ensure that you submit a well-presented application free of errors,OE Consult provides individual attention to your applications. Decision Changing documents like the Letter of Recommendation and Statement of Purpose play an important role in the Application Process, therefore, our  experienced counsellors Supervise, Edit the Written Works and Polish them for Final Submission. This boosts your Admission chances and Portfolio as it is the most important step in the Admission Process.

With the Wealth of Knowledge & Experience our Counsellors have, we save you time & money by mapping you to the right universities that suit your Academic and Financial Profile after carefully reviewing your profile.